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Track listing
1      Prologue – Psalm 1
2      How Strange the Moon Appears
3      Bring Forth This Prophet
4      Eyes of Amber
5      The Red Blasts of Trumpets
6      The Beating of Vast Wings
7      Stars Shall Fall Like Ripe Figs
8      A Garland of Roses Like Fire
9      Night Garden
10     A Garden of Myrrh
11     Epilogue

Nick Baron – djembe, sistra, triangle, chikitas, Tibetan bowl, temple block, tenor drum, cymbal
James Hulme – bongos, sistra, triangle, maracas, Tibetan bowl, castanets, tenor drum, cymbal
Alun Hathaway – 4 tom-toms, tambourine, claves, orchestral bass drum
Dave Danford – congas, tambourine, cabasa, cowbells, small bass drum
Rhiannon Llewellyn – soprano
Gareth Treseder – tenor
Kelvin Thomas – bass


Sianed Jones – vocal improvisations

Charlie Barber – executive producer
James Clarke – producer & engineer
Charlie Barber – programming
CD mixed and mastered by James Clarke
Recorded and mixed at Ty Cerdd Studio, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, July – September 2009

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